Saturday, October 15, 2011

Underhill Family Farms....Harvest Festival

We took Skylar to her first pumpkin patch last weekend. She had a lot of fun running from pumpkin to pumpkin. She loved picking up the straw. Even poked an unsuspecting little girl in the eye while showing her her handful of loot. Accidently of course but the little girl was not happy! We took a tractor ride around the farm where she saw scarecrows and fields of corn and fruit trees and of course more pumpkins. She also got to sit on an old John Deere tractor, something mommy remembers from her childhood. There were also pig races and a small petting zoo where we saw 2 rather large, no huge, rabbits that got in a fight. Luckily a rooster ran over to break it up and started pecking at the bully. Very odd and hilarious at the same time. Happy Fall!

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