Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Vacation

First stop to Tulsa to visit with Grandma Barbara for a few days. Skylar did really well on the airplane and was very excited to see grandma.

We then drove to Branson to spend time with the rest of the family. We all stayed in a cabin together... all 17 of us! It was my dad and stepmom, her 2 children and their families and my brother and his family. It worked out really well. We spent time in the pool and on the lake in my brothers boat. Skylar loved to ride in the boat. She even fell asleep for a bit during the ride. Went swimming in the lake too.

Saw Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede show which is a dinner attraction with music and live animals and stunts. They even had buffalo. You also ate with your hands. Skylar loved the juggling act pre-show and did pretty well with the dinner show. This was a lot of stimulation after a 4 hour drive in the car. She did a lot of clapping and growling.

We celebrated Riley's 5th birthday (Skylar's cousin) at Ridemakerz (like build-a-bear but with cars) All the kids loved it.... the adults did too.

We also went to Silver Dollar City. We made tie-dye t-shirts for all the grandkids and for Nana and Papa. Each shirt was labeled on the back. The kids said "thing 1, thing 2, etc in order of the birth order and nana and papa's shirts said "Nana keeper of all things and Papa keeper of all things" They looked so cute. It really helped finding each other at Silver Dollar City as well. Despite the heat we had a good time. Skylar rode on her first carousel and got to taste some of mommy's frozen lemonade. It was really HOT!

Because of all the activity, Skylar was not a good napper and decided to cling to mommy exclusively. Very sad for us because no one could hold her (and mommy did not get a break!) Despite the lack of naps, she was very pleasant during the day and loved all the buzzing around. She loved being around all the cousins too.

We celebrated an early first birthday for Skylar. Lexy, Skylar's older cousin, made a beautiful birthday cake. Skylar was a little surprised by the cake and everyone singing to her but she enjoyed it. She thought the frosting was really sweet. It was really funny to see her wince as she licked her fingers oh so tentatively.

The matching pajamas was Nana's idea. She sent us all pajamas at Christmas to wear for this trip so we could take a picture together. She even got creative with the little girls because she had to take parts of the pants (from the mommies) to add to pink t-shirts so everyone would match. Skylar's was a pink onsie with a skirt attached in the polka dots. It is so cute!!

The Foley family left Branson a little earlier than the rest of the bunch to catch a little more time with grandma Barbara before returning back home. It was so great to see everyone and spend some quality time together. It is never enough time for sure.

See more pics of the trip on flickr....

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